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The Forklift Network Offers Servicing, Parts And Sales of New and Used Forklifts

The Forklift Network Bakersfield has over 500 New and Bakersfield used Forklifts in stock. Instantly search our online inventory or call (877) 327-7260 to get a price quote. Our dealers carry new and used forklifts Bakersfield including Barrett, Yale, Toyota , Caterpillar, Crown, Hyster, Linde, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Raymond. Our Bakersfield lift trucks website allows you to choose the type of forklift Bakersfield , new or used, detail how you plan to use the forklifts, indoor or outdoor use, and we will put you in touch with a dealer that carries these Bakersfield used forklifts. Safety training of your forklift Bakersfield drivers is a must, according to the law, it helps to reduces injuries and workmen’s comp cases, and therefore costs for your facility. A new training program has been established which will provide on-site training in the southern US, by a veteran forklift driver and trainer. This Bakersfield forklift training company will focus on training at your manufacturing sites, warehouses, lumber yards and most any other site where forklift Bakersfield are used. The Bakersfield lift truck training will provide a three year Bakersfield forklift operation certification and will meet the US Occupational Safety and health Administration (OSHA) standards. The benefit of onsite fork lift training is that workers can stay at their location, so they can learn and apply what they learned in their environment, and there are no travel costs. In addition, the management at the location can see what is being taught and ensure it is appropriate for their facility. The Bakersfield material handling training takes three days, including the evaluation at the end. The final evaluation can serve as documentation that the Bakersfield fork lift training occurred and that the forklift Bakersfield driver learned the material. Courses are also available for more advanced Bakersfield forklift drivers, where recertification is necessary and they take less time and will therefore cost your facility less money. The required testing and documentation is also provided for these classes in Bakersfield material handling. Training on how to drive your Bakersfield forklifts can be provided in both English and Spanish as needed at your facility. If you have any questions on forklift training, our dealers can assist. We have dealerships in multiple locations across the state. Click the link below to search the inventory in that location:

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