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Long Beach

The Forklift Network Offers Servicing, Parts And Sales of New and Used Forklifts

The Forklift Network Long Beach has over 500 New and Used Forklift Long Beach in stock. Instantly search our online inventory or call (877) 327-7260 to get a price quote. Our dealers carry new and used Long Beach forklift including Barrett, Yale, Toyota , Caterpillar, Crown, Hyster, Linde, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Raymond. Often, green products cost more than conventional products, but a Long Beach forklifts tire manufacturer, Solideal, created a green forklift tire that costs less than a conventional Long Beach used forklift tire. This tire is made from recycled material. Only high quality recycled materials are used, therefore giving these Long Beach forklift trucks a long, high quality performance. With a longer run time, there is less frequent down time for the forklift to change tires, helping productivity for your facility and your bottom line. Even when the outer layer is worn, the insides of the tire continue to perform for your Long Beach lift truck. These Long Beach forklifts therefore run more efficiently, reduce your facilities costs and help the environment. In addition, these tires can be up to 25% cheaper. This is another great thing about these tires that will also help your financials. Performance of the Long Beach forklift is improved in comfort, fatigue and life span. Another improvement in the tire world comes from Watts Tire. Watts Tire Group Manufactured a new pneumatic tire to be used in more difficult conditions, such as outside in poor weather for your Long Beach material handling. This product is considered to be a premium product and has a more premium price, but will improve productivity for most warehousing facilities, especially those with outdoor storage. These two tire types can be installed in your current Long Beach forklift, or can be added to a Long Beach used forklift that you purchase from some of our dealers. Many of our dealers carry Long Beach lift trucks with the tires that will enhance your facilities productivity and work well for your budget so you can more efficiently complete for the many jobs you do. Our dealers can also tell you where to have the tires installed on your Long Beach used forklifts. We have dealerships in multiple locations across the state. Click the link below to search the inventory in that location:

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