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The Forklift Network of Jacksonville FL has over 500 New and Used Forklifts in stock. Instantly search our online inventory or call (877) 327-7260 to get a price quote. Our dealers carry new and used forklift including Barrett, Yale, Toyota, Caterpillar, Crown, Hyster, Linde, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Raymond. If looking for new or used forklifts in Jacksonville Florida, our website will help. With the continued softening of the economy, many companies are making tough decisions for their business, including those companies who manufacture forklifts and forklift Jacksonville accessories. Some are having to make huge layoffs, some reaching 30% of their workforce. This is a result of sales declines around 25%. The projections for 2009 are not quite as low, but are not good. And unfortunately, some forklift Jacksonville fl companies and suppliers to the forklift companies have had to close their doors. However, some companies have been moving into the international arena, and are they are seeing small amounts of growth. In the Asian countries is where the forklift Jacksonville manufacturers are seeing demand. Hoist is one such forklift manufacturer that has capitalized on the international forklift market. Many foreign companies want a well built US product and they are looking to buy as long as they feel they are getting a competitive price. Used material handling jacksonville are another great option for the international companies needing fork lifts and want a well built US forklift. Used forklifts are a great option especially when the forklift Jacksonville fl has low hour usage. Many of the used forklifts can be fitted with different tire types, e.g. pneumatic or different energy sources such as fuel cells to meet your needs. In addition, new engine types can be added which improve engine performance, the forklifts productivity and the cost of usage of the forklift. A full recovery in the construction market is not expected until 2011 and the earliest. Generally, forklift jacksonville manufacturers are scaling back and focusing on what they do best to try to weather the economic downturn. We have dealerships in multiple locations across the state of Florida that will be able to help you with the forklift Jacksonville fl your need. Click the link below to search the inventory in that location:

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