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Canada Forklift

Looking To Purchase Forklifts

The Canada Forklift Network™ has the largest inventory of new and used lift trucks in 25 locations across Canada. We carry all major brands and lift truck types, so we are confident that we have exactly what you are looking for at the lowest prices Guaranteed! Our used lift truck inventory includes: used order pickers, used pneumatic fork lifts, used cushion tire fork lifts, used electric fork lifts, used narrow aisle fork lifts, used pallet jacks, used sit down rider fork lifts, used rough terrain fork lifts and used reach trucks. Our Canadian forklift dealers will help you find the right Canada forklifts for the right price. We also offer service contracts with all the Canada forklifts we sell and for forklifts you may have purchased from another dealer. Delivery available to all 13 provinces including the U.S and Mexico. We can handle all of your material handling Canada needs. Thank you for letting The Canada Forklift Network™ help you with your next used forklift purchase.

Lift Trucks 101

What Do I Need To Buy?

For most people, purchasing lift trucks can be a very confusing. What kind do I need? What brand is best for me? How much do I need to spend? Where can I buy used forklifts? Our forklift sales representatives take the time to help you find the right fork lift for the right price. We educate our clients on all forklift types, brands, prices, service agreements and delivery options. To help you get started, ask yourself two main questions; (1) What will the fork lift truck be used for, and (2) where will you be driving your fork lift? The budget you have will usually determine the age of the forklift you purchase and the driving environment will help you determine the engine type and the tire type.

Forklift Network™ carries most major brands and models. Our used forklift inventory includes Crown, Raymond, Yale, Raymond, Nissan, Clark, Caterpillar, Hyster, Barrett and Toyota. We will discuss our used forklift service plans and delivery options with you. Forklifts can be delivered to All Canadian Provinces, including the U.S. and Mexico.