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Industrial Forklift Truck is dedicated to helping you get a great price on material handling equipment. We offer free resources and upfront pricing on the largest inventory of forklifts for sale in Illinois. Find answers to all your questions about Illinois lift trucks here.

1. How do I know if I’m getting a good deal on an Illinois lift truck?

To get the best deal on anything, you’ll need to compare prices. Use Industrial Forklift Truck to review each of your options before you buy.

Fill out our short form and we’ll match you with forklifts for sale in Illinois. Receive pricing and information on each match. Compare equipment online to decide if any of the options are a fit for your business.

2. Where can I find forklifts for sale in Illinois?

Illinois is home to hundreds of forklift dealers. Visiting all of those dealers to compare your options would be extremely time-consuming. Plus, each one claims to offer the best equipment and pricing, so it’s hard to know who to trust. That’s where Industrial Forklift Truck comes in.

We’ve created a free online tool to help you find the information you need without any gimmicks. Review upfront pricing on quality Illinois lift trucks. Browse an inventory of reliable equipment from top dealers in the state. Use Industrial Forklift Truck to find forklifts for sale in Illinois without leaving your house.

3. Which forklift type do I need?

Different forklift types are available for different applications. Warehouse forklifts are ideal for general warehousing operations. This equipment group includes counterbalance forklifts, order pickers, and narrow aisle reach trucks.

Counterbalance forklifts are versatile and great for moving pallets. Order pickers are the best option for fulfilling piece-part orders. Narrow aisle reach trucks are ideal for indoor facilities with aisles and doorways less than 12 feet wide.

On the other hand, telehandlers, container handlers, and rough terrain forklifts are ideal for outdoor applications. These heavy-duty models are built for tough tasks and typically have pneumatic tires.

Industrial Forklift Truck carries all forklift types. For more in-depth information, check out our free resources. Or, simply select a forklift type from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

4. How frequently does my equipment need maintenance?

Complete a daily pre-operation inspection to comply with OSHA standards. If any issues are found, take the equipment out of service until the problem is fixed. In addition, schedule routine, preventive maintenance every 90 days. This will prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your equipment.

Once the cost of maintenance exceeds the financial benefit of owning the equipment, it may be time for a replacement. Browse the largest inventory of new and used forklifts for sale in Illinois with Industrial Forklift Truck.

5. Should I buy a new or used forklift?

New forklifts are a great financial investment. However, used equipment can save you tons of money and offer many years of reliability. The key is buying quality equipment that is in great condition.

Industrial Forklift Truck partners with pre-screened dealers to collect a huge inventory of used equipment you can trust. Browse our selection of high-quality used forklifts for sale in Illinois. Save up to 50% off of the new equipment price.

Consider your budget before deciding between new or used forklift equipment. Then, shop your options with Industrial Forklift Truck.

6. Does Industrial Forklift Truck offer equipment rental?

Yes, we offer forklift rentals. Use this form to select your equipment type and time frame. We’ll send you a variety of options that fit your needs.

Compare forklift rentals in your area today.

7. Can I get pricing on forklifts for sale in Illinois before I choose?

Industrial Forklift Truck is a free price comparison tool that makes it easy to compare pricing on listings near you. We partner with pre-screened dealers to provide an inventory of new and used forklifts for sale in Illinois from industry-leading manufacturers.

Answer a few questions about what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with equipment. Review pricing and information on each match to determine if any are a good fit. It’s that easy.

8. How often should I replace my equipment?

As a general rule of thumb, replace your equipment when maintenance costs exceed the financial benefit of ownership. If your forklift is in the shop more than it’s in use, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Most forklifts start to lose their reliability after 10,000 hours of total use, which averages out to about 7 years of daily use.

Ready for an upgrade? Use Industrial Forklift Truck to compare all of your options before you buy. Find the best deal on Illinois lift trucks today.

9. What load capacity do I need?

Forklift load capacity is the maximum weight the equipment can handle. Different forklift types and models have different load capacities. The load capacity chart displayed on the equipment will show you weight limits in correlation with the load center.

The load center is the distance between the face of the forks and the load’s center of gravity. The size and shape of the load may change the load center.

To determine the load capacity you need, consider your typical load size and weight. Then, find the equipment you’re looking for by selecting your desired specs from the form at the top of the page.

10. What lift height do I need?

Lift height refers to how high a forklift’s forks will reach at full mast extension. Certain equipment types offer more accessibility than others. If you plan to use your forklift inside, calculate the lift height you need by adding six inches to the height of your rack shelving.

If you intend to use your forklift outside, consider your typical work environment and applications. Once you know what you’re looking for, fill out this short form. We’ll match you with Illinois lift trucks that fit your specifications.

11. When should I replace my forklift forks?

Forklift forks are especially prone to wear because they handle most of the load’s weight. Incorporate a forklift fork inspection as part of your daily pre-operational checklist. Replace your forks when they reach 10% wear on the heel or blade. Once wear hits 10 percent, your forklift will experience a 20% reduction in its rated capacity.

Check that the blades are straight. Replace bent forks immediately. Do not try to straighten them. Once a forklift fork is bent, it will never be able to carry the same capacity again.

The condition of your forklift forks is critical to safe operation. That’s why Industrial Forklift Truck prioritizes quality. Find quality new or used forklifts for sale in Illinois today.

12. Who are the best Illinois lift truck dealers?

There are lots of options when it comes to buying a forklift. At Industrial Forklift Truck, we comb through these options for you. Then, we pre-screen and partner with leading dealers to create the largest inventory of high-quality equipment. This gives you the opportunity to review each option in one place.

Browse Illinois lift trucks from the best dealers in the state. Receive instant pricing and information. Save time by shopping in one place. Get started now.

13. Which forklift fuel type do I need?

Not all forklifts run on fuel. Electric forklifts use a rechargeable battery. These models operate without producing harmful emissions. However, if you plan to use an internal combustion forklift, you will need fuel. There are three main types: propane, diesel, and gasoline.

Choose a forklift fuel type based on how and where you plan to operate. Propane forklifts are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also quick to refuel. Diesel and gasoline options are best for heavy-duty outdoor applications. Diesel engines are the loudest, but tend to have more torque. Gasoline options typically offer faster travel speeds.

Learn more about each fuel type here.

14. Should I buy or rent a forklift?

Purchasing equipment is a great investment. However, it requires space and money. If you operate from a home facility and plan to use the equipment on a daily basis, buying a forklift is a good decision. You can even shop used forklifts for sale in Illinois to cut initial costs.

However, if you plan to operate from multiple locations and work on short-term projects, consider forklift rental. Renting a forklift will also lower your initial and maintenance costs.

Use Industrial Forklift Truck to compare both options. Review pricing on forklifts for sale and rent before you decide.

15. Do I need pneumatic or cushion tires?

Choose a forklift tire type based on your environment. If you plan to work outside, choose pneumatic tires. These tires are typically air-filled and have deep ridges for added traction on uneven surfaces.

If you plan to work inside, choose cushion tires. Cushion tires are solid, smooth, and small. They are made for flat flooring.

Learn more about both pneumatic and cushion forklifts here.

16. Can I apply for forklift financing?

Yes, we offer forklift financing to every business that shops for equipment with Industrial Forklift Truck. Simply request quotes to get more information.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Check out all of our free resources here.