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South Carolina Forklift

The Forklift Network Offers Servicing, Parts And Sales of New and Used Forklifts

South Carolina Forklift carry the following new and used forklift south carolina, including Barnett, Yale, Toyota, Caterpillar, Crown Hyster, Linde, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Raymond, through a network of 6 SC forklift dealers that connect you to over 1,000 forklifts in inventory. Forklift prices depend on the type of forklift you need, whether it is new or used, brand and accessories you may need. As technology advances are made, the prices generally do go up, but you will normally get a better performing Columbia forklift. Prices also vary based on geography. A new SC forklift can cost up to $45,000 for a 10,000 lb capacity truck, but a used fork lift truck can save you up to 40%.

When purchasing a Columbia forklift, you also need to consider the operating costs, which include batteries, maintenance, and fuel, which can cost up to $20 per hour for a large Columbia forklift. If you are looking to save money, leasing and renting are two options and many of our forklift dealers offer. Long term renting, greater than 12 months, can also save you money and often times includes regular maintenance for your sc forklift. Service plans can also be purchased from many of our dealers, and cover such items as transmission servicing, factory scheduled maintenance, and oil changes. Full maintenance plans are also available and cover repairs which are a great option for used forklifts South Carolina. Our network of South Carolina forklift dealers are available to help you find the SC forklift that best meets your company’s needs at the best possible price available.