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Washington Forklift

The Forklift Network Offers Servicing, Parts And Sales of New and Used Forklifts

Washington Forklift carry the following new and used forklift Seattle, including Barnett, Yale, Toyota, Caterpillar, Crown Hyster, Linde, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Raymond, through a network of 15 WA forklift dealers that connect you to over 1,500 WA forklifts in inventory. While owning your Washington State forklift, running it at a low cost and productively are key goals. In order to do this, your facilities management should collect the following information on each forklifts Seattle, parts costs per Spokane forklift, labor costs per truck and have the meter reading. Forklifts Washington generally should be traded in around 12,000 hours; however, most forklifts in Washington are traded in around 22,000 hours. This leads to extra maintenance cost for your facility on northwest forklifts. Most companies are not aware of this as they are not tracking hours of use on their used forklifts Seattle and are not trading the Washington forklift in at the appropriate time; many forklifts Seattle are being run double their expected life. Studies have shown that companies spend up to $10,000 a year to maintain a Seattle forklift that might cost $7,500 to be replaced.

Consideration should always be given to buying used forklifts Washington with low hours too when looking for a replacement Seattle forklift. It is generally viewed that it is best to get a new Spokane forklift or low hour used forklift Seattle when a Seattle forklift reaches its break-even point. To determine a WA forklift break-even point, you need to know the Washington State forklift cost-per-hour. To get a Washington forklift cost-per-hour, add the total parts cost to the total labor costs and divide that by the number of hours of operation. The break-even point shows the lowest possible cost per hour that the Washington state forklift can have. Any dollar spent over the break-even point is a dollar that should be spent somewhere else or on a new forklifts Washington. Our network of WA forklift dealers are available to help you find the forklifts Seattle that best meets your company’s needs at the best price available for your Spokane forklift.