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How It Works

Industrial Forklift Truck is a free resource for anyone looking for forklift equipment. It is designed to help shoppers compare their options before they commit.

We understand that forklifts are expensive, and making the right decision is critical to the success of your business. With so many Tampa forklifts out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed or make the wrong choice.

When you use Industrial Forklift Truck’s free comparison tool, you don’t have to worry about those stressors. Instead, you’ll find clear and transparent information on a variety of high-quality forklifts for sale in Tampa, FL. Compare your options before you make a purchase.

To get started, answer a few quick questions at the top of the page. Select the specifications you need your equipment to have, including load capacity, lift height, and engine type. Finish the form by entering your contact information so that we know where to send your quotes. Once you’re done, sit back and relax! We’ll take it from there.

Before you know it, you’ll receive quotes on Tampa forklifts that match your selections. Compare pricing and information to find the best fit for your business. Save time by shopping in one place. Compare both new and used forklifts in Tampa without leaving the house or office.

Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to make a purchase. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, that’s fine! Simply walk away or change your filter selections. Use Industrial Forklift Truck to search for Tampa forklifts without any pressure.

Finding the Right Fit

When it’s time to invest in a forklift, you’ll want to find one that lasts. You’ll also need to make sure that the equipment you choose is a good fit for your business.

Use Industrial Forklift Truck to discover exactly what your business needs to succeed. Before comparing new and used forklifts for sale in Tampa, FL, learn more about all your options. Industrial Forklift Truck has all the resources you need.

To get information on the different forklift types, simply select one from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. You’ll find information to help you make a decision. Still not sure what you need? Find additional resources on our forklift blog.

Industrial Forklift Truck is your go-to source for everything forklift-related. If you need help filling out the form at the top of the page, we can help with that too. To determine what lift height to select, add six inches to your tallest rack shelving. When it comes to choosing load capacity, consider your typical load weight, shape, and size. Remember that load capacity varies with the load center.

You’ll also need to select a forklift fuel type (unless you choose an electric forklift). Each fuel type offers different advantages and disadvantages. For example, propane forklifts are easy to refuel and can be used indoors and outdoors, while diesel and gas forklifts are only used outdoors. Diesel forklifts offer more torque, but gas forklifts are faster. Learn more about fuel types here.

Of course, if you choose an electric forklift, you won’t have to select a fuel type. Electric forklifts operate via a battery, eliminating fuel costs. These models also produce zero emissions.

Regardless of what your business needs, we have Tampa forklifts that match. Use Industrial Forklift Truck to learn more about your options. Then, browse forklifts for sale in Tampa, FL.

New & Used Forklifts in Tampa

Industrial Forklift Truck only works with certified, pre-screened forklift dealers. We offer a huge selection of new and used forklifts in Tampa. We also offer pricing on every piece of equipment in our inventory.

This helps our visitors compare all their options in one place. Every machine in our inventory is guaranteed quality. Even the used equipment.

There are plenty of options online, but many of them, especially the used listings, are scams. When you use Industrial Forklift Truck, you don’t have to worry about trying to avoid these. We’ve already filtered through them for you.

Match with quality forklift equipment that fits your business needs. Whether you’re searching for new or used forklifts in Tampa, you’ll only want to compare the best options out there. Save time by using Industrial Forklift Truck to access high-quality forklifts.

Trying to decide between a new or used forklift? While used equipment is certainly cheaper, it won’t last as long. Operations that plan to use their equipment daily for the majority of the year should prioritize lifespan. These businesses probably want to invest in a new forklift.

On the other hand, used equipment can your business save a significant amount of money. Depending on the quality of the used forklift, you may want to take advantage of these savings, even if it means replacing the equipment sooner.

Industrial Forklift Truck provides quotes on both new and used forklifts in Tampa. Compare your options before you buy.

Still not sure whether new or used equipment is right for you? Browse both new and used forklifts in Tampa by selecting “not sure” from the form at the top of the page when asked which you prefer.

Find exactly what you’re looking for. Compare pricing on Tampa forklifts today.

Tampa Forklifts for Rent

Even if you have the budget, purchasing a forklift isn’t always the smartest choice for your business. Sometimes, rental is a better option. If you’re looking for a forklift rental, Industrial Forklift Truck can help. Not only do we offer pricing on forklifts for sale, but we do the same for forklifts for rent. Compare forklift rental quotes here.

If you’re not sure whether renting or purchasing is right for you, we can help. First, take a look at your typical project timeline. If your business handles a variety of short-term projects and experiences long periods of downtime between each, renting is your best option.

Also, consider the type of equipment you need. If you need a variety of different forklift types for different operations, renting will allow you to utilize each without investing heavily in all of them.

Renting a forklift will also free up business funds. Instead of getting tied up in high upfront costs, you’ll have access to your money, save a monthly fee. Plus, servicing is typically included in the rental price, so you’ll save money there as well.

If you plan to use your equipment daily for the majority of the year, purchasing is the best option. Of course, you’ll need to consider your budget, but keep in mind that Industrial Forklift Truck offers great forklift financing options to help lower initial costs.

Still not sure? Compare the pros and cons of buying and renting a forklift here. Then, compare Tampa, FL forklifts for rent or purchase.

Forklift Repair in Tampa

If your equipment needs a tune-up, we have you covered. Not quite ready for a replacement? Get the maintenance your forklift needs from top service and repair companies in your area.

Receive free quotes from companies near you that offer forklift repair in Tampa. Find the best deal available.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for preventative maintenance or forklift repair in Tampa, you can find the servicing you need with Industrial Forklift Truck. Filter through our pre-screened partners to compare pricing on each of your options before you choose.

Start by filling out this short form to let us know what equipment needs service. We’ll handle the rest! Receive free quotes on all your options without leaving the house.

If your equipment requires a small repair that you’d rather perform yourself, we can help with that too. Browse our inventory of forklift parts for sale here.

Industrial Forklift Truck is dedicated to your business’s success. Find a great price on any forklift equipment, part, or service you’re looking for. Get quotes on forklift repair in Tampa today.

Compare Forklifts for Sale in Tampa, FL

Comparing options is the only way to ensure that you’re actually getting the best deal. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to forklifts. There are hundreds of forklift dealers out there, and many of them aren’t necessarily upfront about prices.

To access pricing on a variety of Tampa, FL forklifts, use Industrial Forklift Truck. We’ve already done the work for you. When you use our free, online comparison tool, you’ll gain access to the largest inventory of high-quality forklifts for sale nationwide.

Compare Tampa, FL forklifts from pre-screened dealers. To start, fill out our form to indicate the type of equipment you’re looking for. Choose specifications like lift height, load capacity, and fuel type. We’ll sort through our inventory to find Tampa, FL forklifts that match your selections.

Keep in mind that it is best practice to replace your forklift once maintenance costs exceed the financial benefit of ownership. That typically happens after about 10,000 hours of overall use, which is 7 years of daily operation.

Whenever you’re ready to upgrade, use Industrial Forklift Truck. Find the equipment your business needs to succeed.

Compare pricing on quality forklifts for sale in your area.