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Stand-Up Forklift Specs

A stand-up forklift is a type of warehouse forklift that is used in crowded spaces. This equipment has a tight turning radius that allows it to navigate around narrow aisles. Use a stand-up reach forklift for efficiency and control in crowded warehouses.

As the name implies, stand-up reach forklifts are controlled by a standing operator. This makes it easy for the operator to get on and off of the equipment. Like other electric lifts, stand-up electric forklifts offer zero-emissions indoor operation. Learn more about these machines before browsing stand-up forklifts for sale.

Lift Height

A stand-up forklift has an average lift height between 20 and 40 feet. Equipped with a straight mast, these reach trucks can only lift vertically. This gives stand-up lift trucks added stability. Use these machines to raise loads to great heights without worrying about tipping.

Different models offer different lift heights. Consider the height of your warehouse rack shelving to determine the lift height you need. Then, choose a stand-up forklift that offers that capability.

Load Capacity

A stand-up lift truck has an average load capacity of 4,500 pounds. Of course, this number also varies by model. Choose load capacity based on your maximum load weight, not your average load weight.

Load capacity refers to the greatest amount of weight your equipment can handle. Remember, this number changes as the load center changes. The load center is the distance from the face of the forks to the load’s center of gravity. Always operate according to the load capacity chart posted on your stand-up forklift.

Filter your search by lift height and load capacity with Industrial Forklift Truck. Use the form at the top of the page to select the specifications you need. Then, browse stand-up forklifts for sale that have those capabilities.

Recommended Industries for Stand-Up Reach Forklifts

A stand-up forklift is a great tool for general warehousing operations. A stand-up electric forklift is especially suited for indoor warehouses.

Operator using a stand-up lift truck to retrieve pallets from shelving

In particular, these warehouse forklifts are ideal for facilities with aisles less than 12 feet wide. In reality, a stand-up reach forklift is a good fit for any operation that is tight on space. Move loads and access shelving without big, bulky equipment.

A stand-up lift truck offers quick accessibility. Save space by stacking upwards with a stand-up electric forklift. This equipment is fitted with smooth cushion tires and is not intended for outdoor use.

Stand-up electric forklifts are cheap to run, easy to operate, and quiet. They even have higher travel and lift/lower speeds than sit-down options. If these features sound like a fit for you, consider investing in a stand-up lift truck for your business.

Stand-up forklifts are ideal for a variety of applications. Browse your options for stand-up forklifts for sale with Industrial Forklift Truck. Receive free pricing and information on a huge selection of equipment. Get started today.

New vs. Used Stand-Up Forklift

A new stand-up forklift can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000. Factors like model, brand, lift height, and load capacity all affect this price tag. Compared to other warehouse forklifts, a stand-up reach forklift is an affordable option.

Used stand-up forklift transporting pallets in a warehouse facility

If these prices are outside of your budget, consider buying used equipment. A used stand-up forklift is much cheaper than new models. Experience as much as 50% savings when you buy used.

Take advantage of these savings with a quality used stand-up forklift. Industrial Forklift Truck can help you browse reliable, trustworthy equipment online in minutes. We work with pre-screened dealers to provide a huge selection of refurbished machinery in good condition.

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