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Order Picker Forklift Specs

An order picker forklift is a type of material handling equipment that is used to retrieve or store boxes. These machines are typically used in warehouses. Narrow aisle order pickers are particularly ideal for crowded warehouses with shelving less than 12 feet apart.

An order picker forklift is similar to a narrow aisle reach truck but differs in how it is operated. Unlike a reach truck, an order picker is controlled from a platform. Buttons on the platform allow operators to raise both the load and themselves, giving them direct access to the shelving.

Lift Height

Warehouses use rack shelving to stack upwards and save space. Order picker forklifts are designed to access these tall shelves. There are mid-level and high-level order picker forklifts for sale. Mid-level equipment has a lift height between 15 and 25 feet. High-level equipment lifts around 30 feet. Certain extended options lift close to 35 feet.

Since the operator is lifted with the load, it is especially important that they follow proper safety protocol. Order picker trucks are equipped with a dead man’s switch to prevent the equipment from moving while the operator is stocking or picking orders.

Load Capacity

Since this equipment is typically used to move individual boxes rather than pallets, it has a lower load capacity than other options. In general, a narrow aisle order picker has a load capacity of around 3,000 pounds.

Load capacity is listed on the equipment’s load capacity chart. Check this chart before operating the machinery to ensure safety.

Estimate the load capacity and lift height you need before browsing equipment. Industrial Forklift Truck makes it easy to find a perfect fit. Just select your desired specifications and we’ll match you with order picker forklifts for sale that meet your requirements.

Recommended Industries for Order Picker Trucks

Order picker forklifts are most commonly used in general warehousing and manufacturing industries. Warehouses use these machines to stock and retrieve items from rack shelving. These machines make it easy to move up and down an aisle quickly and efficiently.

Man operating an order picker truck in a warehouse

This is ideal when you have many different items to grab from different sections of an aisle. Narrow aisle order pickers can move freely without needing to turn within the aisle.

Since the operator has direct access to shelving, an order picker truck is best for fulfilling piece-part orders. Because of this, these machines are commonly called stock picker forklifts.

A stock picker lift is a great tool for hand-selecting items for individual orders. If you need to retrieve entire pallets, a narrow aisle reach truck is a better option.

These aren’t the only industries that can benefit from this equipment. If a stock picker lift sounds like the right fit for your business, use Industrial Forklift Truck to compare your options!

New vs. Used Order Picker Forklifts for Sale

Thanks to their small size, order pickers are among the most affordable forklifts on the market. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cheap.

Warehouse worker standing on a lifted order picker forklift

A new stock picker forklift can cost as much as $25,000, depending on brand and features. Luckily, used equipment can save you tons of money. However, buying used is only a good deal if you don’t spend those savings a few months later on repairs.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, buy a used order picker truck from a trustworthy seller. Make sure the equipment has been taken care of and is in good condition.

Industrial Forklift Truck makes it easy to find quality used equipment. We partner with pre-screened dealers to offer a huge inventory of both new and refurbished equipment that you can trust. Any used options we carry have been properly serviced and are reliable.

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