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Towable Boom Lift Specs

A towable boom lift is an aerial lift with an extendable, articulating boom arm. It can fold up and attach to a trailer hitch for easy transport. Since these machines have only two tires, they require outriggers for stability and balance.

A towable man lift is used for the same tasks as traditional telescopic and articulating boom lifts. The difference is that towable equipment is more compact. Towable lifts are small and easy to maneuver. Like articulating lifts, these machines have pivot points along their boom arm that help them navigate around obstacles.

Lift Height

A tow-behind lift typically has a lift height of up to 55 feet. In contrast, articulating boom lifts extend up to 160 feet. Telescopic, or straight mast, options reach even further, topping out at 190 feet.

Towable boom lifts are known for their convenience and ease of use. If you need the lifting capabilities of a crane, you will probably want to choose a typical boom lift. However, if you need quick access to high places at various locations, a towable lift is a great option.

Load Capacity

Just like lift height, the load capacity of a towable boom lift is on the lower end of the spectrum. Typically, this equipment can carry between 450 and 500 pounds. In contrast, a traditional boom lift can carry between 500 and 1,000 pounds.

Articulating lifts can handle less weight than their straight mast counterparts because of their multidirectional boom. Regardless, a towable lift has plenty of capacity to hold the operator and necessary materials comfortably.

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Recommended Industries for Tow-Behind Lifts

A towable lift is an excellent tool for building construction and repair. Typical applications include maintenance, cable work, window cleaning, and construction labor. Because of its transportability, a towable boom lift is a fit for a wide variety of tasks.

White towable man lift folded up outside a building

A towable man lift is a good fit for crowded worksites littered with obstacles. If you regularly travel from one site to another and need to bring your equipment with you, this lift is a great option.

Towable boom lifts are typically used outside and have strong stabilizers that dig into the ground for balance. This asset makes it possible for them to lift heavy loads without tipping.

A tow-behind lift is also easy to store. The articulating boom arm folds easily, making it small and compact. Save space in your facility instantly.

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New vs. Used Towable Lifts for Sale

A new towable man lift typically costs between $25,000 and $100,000. These prices depend on the equipment’s capabilities and features, including lift height and load capacity.

Used towable lifts for sale outside

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