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Piggyback Forklift Specs

A piggyback forklift is a small material handling machine. Also known as a truck-mounted forklift, this equipment attaches to the back of a truck for transport, saving space inside the trailer. Once the truck arrives at its destination, the piggyback lift is ready for immediate use. Increase efficiency and productivity by investing in this equipment.

Piggyback forklifts only have three wheels. The back tire can rotate 90 degrees, helping operators retrieve loads in tight spaces. Learn more about this equipment before browsing piggyback forklifts for sale.

Lift Height

Lift height varies based on the model you select. Generally, a piggyback lift has a maximum lift height of 12 feet (144 inches). This is plenty of reach for loading and unloading materials from a truck.

If you need equipment with more lift height, consider other warehouse forklift types. Narrow aisle forklifts, for instance, generally have a lift height of around 30 feet. However, it is much harder to take these machines with you. Choose a piggyback forklift if you need quick and efficient transportation off-site.

Load Capacity

Like lift height, load capacity varies. Load capacity is the maximum weight the equipment can handle. On average, a piggyback forklift has a load capacity between 3,000 and 8,000 pounds.

Be sure to check the load capacity chart on the forklift’s data plate before operating. This chart has information about the capacity of the piggyback lift based on the load center.

Search for equipment that matches the lift height and load capacity you’re looking for. Filter through our inventory of piggyback forklifts for sale to find relevant equipment. Fill out the form at the top of the page to get started.

Recommended Industries for Piggyback Lifts

Efficient and mobile, piggyback lifts are a great fit for a variety of businesses. These machines are often found in general warehousing, landscaping, and construction industries. This equipment is ideal for operations that need to quickly load or unload cargo. Piggyback forklifts are also great for businesses that need to transport equipment off-site.

Small piggyback lift removing a long cylinder from the back of a semi-truck

Unlike standard four-wheeled forklifts, a piggyback forklift has a 90-degree turning radius. This added mobility makes it easy for these machines to handle bulky or long loads. On top of that, they are easy to use and maneuver.

Thanks to their size, dismounting a piggyback forklift is a quick task. Users can have this equipment removed and ready for use in under a minute.

These machines are also a great option if you need to bring equipment to a customer’s facility. For instance, if your operation handles off-site landscaping tasks, this might be a good investment.

Save space and time with a piggyback forklift. Take advantage of the mobility and versatility of this equipment. Use Industrial Forklift Truck to compare your options for piggyback forklifts for sale. Get free pricing and information on forklifts that fit your needs.

New vs. Used Piggyback Forklifts for Sale

A new piggyback lift typically costs between $40,000 and $90,000. Price varies depending on model, brand, features, and capabilities. Find exact pricing on machines that fit your specifications with Industrial Forklift Truck.

Piggyback forklifts for sale outside near a semi-truck

If the prices you see are outside your budget, consider used piggyback forklifts for sale. Opting for used equipment can lower your upfront cost by as much as 50%.

To take advantage of these savings, you’ll need to invest in reliable equipment. Industrial Forklift Truck partners with pre-screened dealers to provide trustworthy equipment. Use our free price comparison tool to find quality used piggyback forklifts for sale.

Industrial Forklift Truck carries a huge selection of refurbished equipment that is built to last. Buy a forklift with confidence, knowing that it is in great condition. Find a machine that fits your needs and your budget. Compare used piggyback forklifts for sale today.

How to Find the Best Deal on Piggyback Forklifts for Sale

Whether you’re looking for a new or used piggyback forklift, we can help you find the lowest price. Industrial Forklift Truck is a free online service for comparing equipment pricing.

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First, answer a few questions to let us know what you’re looking for. Then, our experts will match you with industry-leading equipment. You’ll receive pricing and information on each match.

Industrial Forklift Truck is a risk-free way to save time and money when shopping for heavy machinery. Compare your options at home or on the go with ease. Then, decide if any are a good fit.

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