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Articulating Lift Specs

An articulating lift is an aerial lift with an articulating boom arm that extends up and away from the base of the machine. The arm has various pivot points, allowing it to bend. This feature makes it easy for an articulating lift to work over or around obstacles.

Unlike straight boom lifts, articulating man lifts are ideal for navigating tight spaces. These lifts typically have a smaller base, increasing their mobility around the worksite.

Lift Height

An articulating lift typically cannot extend as far as its straight mast counterparts. The broader base of straight mast models gives them more stability and reach.

Most articulating boom lifts have a lift height between 40 feet and 160 feet. On the other hand, some telescopic boom lifts can reach close to 190 feet. Keep in mind that horizontal reach varies with lift height. For instance, a 40-foot machine has a maximum horizontal reach of about 34 feet, while a 120-foot machine has a maximum horizontal reach closer to 75 feet.

Load Capacity

The average articulating lift has a load capacity between 500 and 700 pounds. This number varies depending on the model. Be sure to follow the specs printed on the equipment’s load capacity chart.

The multi-directionality of the articulating boom lift arm decreases stability and reduces the amount of weight it can carry. If you need an aerial lift with a higher load capacity, consider a telescopic boom lift or scissor lift instead.

When comparing articulating lifts for sale, consider the load capacity and lift height you need. Think about your typical load weight and keep worksite height restrictions in mind. Once you know what you’re looking for, fill out the form at the top of the page.

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Recommended Industries for Articulating Boom Lifts

There are many different attachments available, making articulating lifts versatile for a variety of industries. However, these lifts are most commonly fitted with a bucket and are used for construction and building maintenance.

Articulating boom lifts for sale outside in an empty dirt lot

Consider investing in an articulating boom lift if you need equipment for window cleaning, electrical repair, outdoor building, cable maintenance, or other similar tasks. The bucket area of an articulating man lift does not have enough space to transport large loads, so this equipment is better suited for providing operator access to high, obstructed areas.

The articulating lift is known for its ability to reach inaccessible places. This equipment might be a good fit if you work at a crowded worksite with obstacles.

Articulating boom lifts aren’t always used outside. The entertainment industry uses articulating electric boom lifts to rig lights and other production elements. Other industries employ articulating man lifts for indoor building maintenance and repairs.

These aerial lifts are incredibly versatile. If you think this equipment sounds like a good fit for your operation, use Industrial Forklift Truck to compare articulating lifts for sale. Find an articulating man lift for your business in minutes.

New vs. Used Articulating Boom Lifts

Most articulating lifts cost between $15,000 and $100,000. That’s a huge range. The price you pay will depend on lift height, load capacity, features, brand, and more.

Used articulating boom lift at a construction site

Use Industrial Forklift Truck to compare pricing on a variety of articulating lifts for sale. If new equipment prices are too high, consider purchasing used equipment.

Purchasing a used articulating boom lift can cut the upfront price in half. Plus, when you buy quality machinery from a trusted seller, you’ll experience the same reliability as you would from a new machine.

Industrial Forklift Truck partners with pre-screened dealers to provide a large selection of used articulating boom lifts you can trust. Don’t spend time sorting through scams. Instead, use Industrial Forklift Truck to find a used articulating boom lift that is in excellent condition.

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