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Electric Boom Lift Specs

An electric boom lift is a battery-powered aerial lift with an extendable boom arm. Also known as an electric man lift, this equipment lifts the operator in a bucket attachment. An electric boom lift is ideal for indoor operations because it doesn’t produce any harmful emissions.

An electric boom lift can be either telescopic or articulating. Telescopic models have a straight, extendable arm. Articulating models have pivot points along the arm that allow it to bend. Choose an electric boom lift type based on your individual workplace needs.

Lift Height

Designed for indoor use, electric man lifts have less lift height than gas and diesel-powered models. On average, these machines reach 30 to 60 feet. Telescopic models have more reach than articulating models. In contrast, full-sized outdoor boom lifts can extend up to 190 feet.

If you work in a crowded warehouse, choose an electric articulating boom lift. This equipment is better for navigating around obstacles. If you work in an open space and need extra lift height, load capacity, and stability, choose an electric telescopic lift. Consider facility type before purchasing an electric telescopic or electric articulating boom lift.

Load Capacity

Load capacity varies depending on the model and the type of electric man lift you choose. Most electric boom lifts have a load capacity between 500 and 1,000 pounds. Because of their ability to bend, electric articulating boom lifts have a lower load capacity than telescopic options.

Remember that load capacity changes depending on the load center and attachment type. Check the equipment’s load capacity chart before operating.

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Recommended Industries for Electric Man Lifts

A variety of industries use electric man lifts to increase efficiency. If you need accessibility indoors, this equipment is for you. With zero emissions and silent operation, electric boom lifts are ideal for indoor applications.

Electric boom lifts for sale

These machines are often found in general warehousing and building maintenance operations. Consider browsing electric boom lifts for sale if you perform tasks like electrical work, cable repair, light rigging, and other general maintenance.

Keep in mind that this equipment is versatile. These tasks are only a few possible applications. If you need instant access to inaccessible places, this is the tool for you.

Some electric boom lifts are lightweight for use on sensitive floors in theaters, airports, and shopping malls. Compact models can even fit through standard doorways and navigate tight corners.

Choosing battery-powered equipment can also save you money on fuel. Though a battery isn’t necessarily cheap, it will last for years if properly cared for.

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New vs. Used Electric Boom Lifts

An electric boom lift isn’t cheap. New equipment costs between $25,000 and $75,000.

Operator in the basket of an electric boom working on the ceiling

As the lift height decreases, so does the price. That’s why many small, compact models are more affordable than full-sized options.

Remember, telescopic models have more reach than electric articulating boom lifts. This makes telescopic options generally more expensive. Brand, features, and specifications will also play a role in pricing.

If these prices are outside of your budget, consider investing in used equipment. Buying quality, refurbished machinery can save you tons of money. Of course, not every used electric boom is worth the savings.

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How to Find the Best Deal on Electric Boom Lifts for Sale

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