How Much Does a Cherry Picker Forklift Cost?

Improving your warehouse efficiency will improve your bottom line, and finding the right equipment allows you to do just that. The easiest way to retrieve a box or two from a high shelf is probably using a cherry picker forklift. However, you may still be wondering if the cherry picker forklift cost is worth it. Use this guide to decide.

What Is a Cherry Picker Forklift?

When you think of a forklift, you probably picture an operator sitting on the equipment with the forks high in the air, holding a pallet. A cherry picker forklift, sometimes called an order picker, performs a similar function but with a big difference.

With a cherry picker forklift, there is a platform attached to the forks. Operators stand on the platform as it raises so they can pick up single units and place them onto the platform.

Most cherry pickers have a dead man’s switch to keep the lift stationery, so they’re safe to use. However, your operators may need additional training to get an order picker’s license.

This type of lift is small but can lift approximately 3,000 pounds to heights between nine and 35 feet. You can choose from mid-level or high-level models.

What Advantages Does a Cherry Picker Forklift Provide?

For many businesses, individual customers often only want one or a few of each item rather than an entire pallet when they place an order. Because inventory is often stored on high shelves, workers who pick the orders to prepare them for delivery need some way to reach it.

Instead of using ladders or traditional forklifts, a cherry picker allows employees to travel to the appropriate location, raise themselves to the right height, and retrieve single boxes. They can then move to the next product and repeat the process.

You can choose platforms in different sizes to fit your needs, making this machine useful in many different situations.

How Much Does a New Cherry Picker Forklift Cost?

Several top manufacturers produce this kind of lift truck. Prices can be different according to several factors:

  • Type of engine
  • Kind of tires
  • Lift height and capacity
  • Additional accessories and features

The cost of similarly equipped cherry picker forklifts can be different depending on the manufacturer. Prices for new models average around $10,000, although some cost $25,000 or more.

How Much Does a Used Cherry Picker Forklift Cost?

The same details come into play when you’re thinking about buying a used cherry picker, but the overall condition of the equipment and the number of hours used also affects the price. Your location matters, too.

You can probably find used cherry pickers between $7,000 and $20,000. The cost is usually a little more than half that of a new machine.

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