How Much Does a Container Handler Cost?

Moving boxes in a warehouse is one thing; transporting a shipping container is another beast entirely. It's dangerous to use a standard warehouse forklift to move these large, specially modified containers, so you need a container handler. How much does a container handler cost, though, and is it worth the money for your business? Understanding the purpose and advantages of these trucks makes finding the right equipment for your needs a snap.

When Is a Container Handler Cost Worth It for Your Business?

You might find a container handler for sale online, but are you certain that it's the right machine for your business? Before you make a decision, determine which kind of container truck offers the specs your work requires. Do you need to transport heavy loads, or just stack empty containers to a certain height? Your answer will determine which of the following types are worth the container handler cost.

Empty Container Handlers

Agile, and maneuverable, empty container handlers usually have steering equipped with load sensing. With the addition of three-speed transmission, these trucks are quick and efficient, loading stacks of up to eight containers in height. Their load capacity runs to 8-9 tons, and double-stacking vehicles can stack two containers simultaneously.

Full-Capacity Container Trucks

Offering excellent stability and visibility, full-capacity container handlers stack their heavy loads with a high level of precision. These robust and versatile machines can lift up to 43 tons and are the perfect solution for single-row stacking jobs involving loading and unloading both empty and loaded containers. The loaded capacity truck is a larger and heavier machine, so the container handler price will be higher.

What Are the Advantages of a Container Handler?

When considering container handler cost benefits, the primary concerns are stability and longevity. These machines are more expensive and have a more robust workload than standard warehouse forklifts, but are smaller and more agile than crane forklifts. Some notable advantages to container handlers include:

  • High tensile steel torsion-resistant frame for longevity
  • Large pneumatic tires for maneuvering over uneven ground
  • Heavy-duty diesel engine for lifting power and torque
  • Counterbalanced with weights for stability
  • Backplate for additional support
  • Booms that can reach heights standard forklifts cannot

How Much Does a Container Handler Cost?

Full-capacity container handler price points vary depending on whether you search for new or used. Used loaded capacity trucks can run from $140,000 to over $160,000. On the other hand, used empty container handlers cost between $25,000 and $75,000, depending on the brand, age, condition, and specs. While you could consider renting one of these lift trucks, you may find that buying new or used is a better long-term investment.

How To Get Quotes for Container Handler Cost in Your Local Area

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