Download This Free Forklift Checklist for Easy Daily Inspection

Two forklift operators conducting a pre-operational inspection of a forklift

A good, comprehensible forklift checklist is the key to safe operation. OSHA requires that operators perform a pre-operation inspection daily or before each shift to ensure that the equipment is safe to use.

Operators should refer to a forklift daily checklist that covers all major areas of equipment functionality. This includes both visual and operational elements.

Having one forklift checklist that is simple to access and easy to understand will help your operators perform inspections quickly and thoroughly. That’s why we’ve created a simple OSHA daily forklift inspection checklist PDF for you to download and distribute at your workplace.

Our printable forklift checklist is perfect for every operation. We’ve covered all major forklift inspection areas. Learn more about forklift inspections, then download our OSHA daily forklift inspection checklist PDF.

Forklift Daily Checklist

Forklift operation accounts for thousands of injuries and nearly 100 deaths every single year. OSHA forklift guidelines are in place to help prevent accidents from occurring.

Well-trained operators have the power to keep these numbers low. However, even the best operator cannot account for equipment failure.

That’s why it’s important to catch issues before operation. Using a forklift checklist to inspect the equipment before it is used will help prevent equipment malfunction during operation.

Operators are required to perform a forklift inspection at least once daily before the equipment is placed in service. If the equipment is used around the clock, use a forklift daily checklist to inspect your equipment after every shift.

Check each part or area indicated by the forklift daily checklist. Operators should be able to access this checklist quickly and easily. This is where a printable forklift checklist comes in.

Download our OSHA daily forklift inspection checklist PDF with the click of a button. Print and laminate the document to prevent corruption or wear. You may even want to print multiple copies and keep them in a binder so that operators can write maintenance notes on them. This way you can keep track of all your maintenance needs.

You can also simply replace your forklift daily checklist frequently to ensure that it remains legible and keep a separate record of inspection notes. Ready to access our printable forklift checklist? Click the button below to download Industrial Forklift Truck’s free forklift checklist PDF.

Our printable forklift checklist is split into two parts: visual and operational. Before starting the vehicle, run through the list of visual checks on the left. Once all visual checks have been completed, turn the forklift on and complete the right half of the forklift checklist PDF with the engine running.

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

While it’s a great start, maintaining a safe work environment requires more than simply downloading our OSHA daily forklift inspection checklist PDF.

Preventative forklift maintenance will ensure that your equipment stays in great shape year-round. Schedule preventative forklift maintenance every 90 days in addition to using the forklift checklist daily.

On top of that, you’ll want to take great care of your equipment. After all, it isn’t cheap! Luckily, Industrial Forklift Truck has all of the resources you need to extend the life of your equipment.

Check out our how-to guide on fork and chain inspections here, or learn more about brake inspections here. We even offer free information on preventing damage to your forklift forks. Use our free resources in combination with our forklift checklist PDF to keep your workers safe and avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Forklift operator using a checklist to inspect a warehouse forklift

Keeping Your Equipment Up-to-Date

Of course, maintenance can’t fix everything. If your equipment is already beyond repair, it might be time for a replacement. Not sure? Learn more about when to repair vs. replace a forklift here.

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