How to Prevent Damage to Forklift Forks

Keeping your forklift forks in the best shape possible is pivotal to your lift truck maintenance. While any forklift damage is severe, forklift fork damage is the most impactful to lifting. However, a deeper understanding of the vehicle can save you from forklift repair and enhance long-lasting performance!

How Damage Occurs and How to Prevent It

Yellow counterbalance forklift with new forks.

Like most tools, forklift forks are susceptible to aging with time and, ultimately, thinning. However, operations done daily can also lead to forklift damage. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Multipurpose.  Your forklift forks are for lifting. They were not intended to push or pry things open. Forklift damage will occur if you treat their functionality as such.
  • Overloading. Your forklift’s maximum capacity is there for a reason. If you place loads exceeding the specified range, expect uneven and bent forklift forks in your future.
  • Imbalance. Your forks were created to be used in harmony, not to be a one-man show. If you attempt to lift with just one fork, don’t be surprised if you find bends and cracks on your machine. Use forklift forks together, or they will remind you to.
  • Dragging. Always protect the heel of your forklift from heat. Heart occurs when you drag the heels, which will inevitably wear the metal away. This damage will lead to your forks increasingly dropping loads.
  • Impact. If your forks hit the ground, you’re doing it wrong. Bringing your loads down slowly will prevent needless cracks. The cracks, which could lead to a safety concern, are one of the most difficult components of forklift repair.

The Importance of Forklift Maintenance

As in most cases, the easiest way to solve a problem is to prevent it. With more and more technological improvements, forklift maintenance has become even more critical. Earlier, we brushed upon why you should always keep recommended settings and the intended function of forklift forks in mind. This applies to lift truck maintenance.

To combat costly repairs and many bad days at work, forklift maintenance will be your best bet. Keeping up with the current health and status of your vehicle will also prevent you from the headache of discovering a problem too late. In short: the more you check in, the more money and hassle you save.

Used forklift forks with bends and cracks.

Replacing Damaged Forklift Forks

Knowledge is power. By keeping in mind what causes damage, forklift damage will be more evident. Increased knowledge will lead to hazards that will avoid these damages and accidents from occurring.

Having the highest quality equipment will ensure you are operating in the safest way possible!

Luckily for you, we have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a forklift part, or have servicing needs, we’re sure to have what you and your forklift require!

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