Warehouse Cleaning: Why You Need an Industrial Floor Scrubber

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A busy warehouse is going to get dirty. There is no avoiding a mess when you're moving inventory around with forklifts and container handlers, loading and unloading pallets of material, and filling orders. It's a chaotic environment with lots of noise and motion, as well as a whole lot of dirt and debris.

An industrial floor scrubber is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to keep your warehouse clean.

5 Advantages of an Industrial Floor Scrubber

Even the most diligent cleaning person can only do so much with a bucket of soapy water and a mop and broom. Getting industrial floors truly clean requires equipment designed for the job. There are significant upsides to taking advantage of scrubbing machines.

1. Clean Environment for Client Visits

Your reputation matters and clients will not be impressed if they see their products in a dirty storage and packing facility. No warehouse is perfectly tidy all the time; the nature of the work makes it impossible. However, dirt, debris, and stains accumulated on the floor are not a good look. Even small spills of oil or hydraulic fluid, and the remains of food and beverages left sitting around, can make your facility look (and smell) less than appealing.

Your customers and clients don't know how hard you work to store, move, and package up their goods. All they know is what they see when they walk into the warehouse. At such a moment, you want them to witness a well-oiled and organized operation with clean, breathable air and clear open flooring.

2. Sanitation Regulations

Staying well ahead of the minimum standards for sanitation can save both headaches and expenses. With an industrial floor scrubber, you will benefit from improved working conditions and higher levels of safety, as well as remaining in compliance with the law.

Sanitation regulations address issues such as trash or other debris, food waste, and wet or greasy flooring. Chemical spills of any kind can be hazardous, dust and allergens can cause breathing issues, and improperly discarded food will draw rats and mice.

Regulations are intended to keep you and your workers healthy and safe. An industrial floor cleaner ensures that your warehouse stays clean so you can avoid dangerous and dirty conditions as well as the fines that can result from violations of sanitation requirements.

OSHA has very specific regulations for keeping working conditions clean and safe, and warehouses are no exception. Floors must be kept dry and free of accumulated debris. All food waste must be properly stored and not harbor rats and mice. Keeping the floors clean is necessary to meet all of these standards.

3. Health and Safety of Workers

Clean floors contribute to a safe working environment in ways that aren't necessarily obvious. Keeping floors clean and dry with an industrial floor scrubber improves safety for foot traffic, forklifts, and other machinery. Clean flooring also improves air quality. Proper cleaning removes dust and pollen as well as chemical residues from the environment.

When you attempt to clean with a broom, you more often spread airborne irritants than capture them. A wet mop can spread a grease spill more easily than it can remove one. An industrial floor cleaner does a far more effective job at trapping and removing these hazards from your work area.

Professional cleaning equipment also leaves floors dryer after cleaning, reducing the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents and injuries, or the hazard of equipment sliding or being unable to stop on the wet surface. Proper and thorough cleaning of your warehouse floors reduces a wide range of dangerous conditions, keeping your workers healthy and safe on the job.

4. Efficient and Hygienic Cleaning

You will have cleaner floors with an commerical floor scrubber than you could possibly achieve with a broom and a mop. With these machines, your floors are washed with a constant supply of fresh water. Contaminated water is siphoned off and discarded, not reused.

With a mop, you can't avoid using dirty water on the floor. Each time you dip your mop back into the bucket, you're re-using the water that contains all the grime you've managed to pick up so far. You can introduce dirt and germs from one section of the floor to the next area, which isn't very sanitary.

5. Saving Time, Work Hours, and Your Flooring

It's hard to argue with the health and safety advantages of an industrial scrubber, but what about the expense of a commercial cleaner? Is it worth purchasing one for your warehouse?

There is no denying that these machines are an investment. They are certainly more expensive upfront than a mop and a wringer bucket, in any case. However, over time, an industrial floor scrubber will save you money, especially if you have a large area of flooring, such as in a warehouse.

Cleaning the floors with a powerful machine dramatically reduces the time required to get the job done, which saves on payroll expenses and downtime. Floors that are deep-cleaned also require less frequent washing.

Additionally, when the grit is thoroughly removed, your floors will last longer. When you grind dirt into the flooring all day, it wears the surface down in the same way sandpaper would, reducing the lifespan of your floors. Take care of your floors and your workers. Use a professional floor cleaner in your workplace.

Finding the Right Industrial Floor Scrubber

When your floors are scrubbed with professional equipment, they're cleaner than if they're done manually. Clean floors provide a healthier, safer, and more pleasant work environment and help you to stay in compliance with sanitation regulations. Clean floors last longer, too. How do you find the right commercial floor cleaner for your warehouse? ScrubberShop is an excellent resource for comparing new and used scrubbers and finding the best deal on the right industrial floor scrubber for your workplace.

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