Most Common OSHA Violations and Fines

Most Common OSHA Violations and Fines

Many businesses rely on forklifts to get things done. Unfortunately, some employees may not understand how important it is to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards while operating large equipment. You need to understand the impact and safety issues that can happen if you or your employees are skirting regulations and doing things your own way. OSHA forklift regulations are in place for a reason. Here are some of the most common violations and fines.

Violations of OSHA Forklift Regulations

Here are some of the most common OSHA violations businesses make when allowing employees to operate forklifts:

  • No training: It may be tempting to allow any employee to hop onto a forklift when you don’t have a properly trained driver nearby. But this would be a mistake. No employee should operate this vehicle without an appropriate level of training.
  • Using defective equipment: OSHA forklift regulations require you to stop using a forklift if it is faulty. Regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to be sure your equipment is safe to operate. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you choose a forklift in good operating condition.
  • Storing and mishandling fuel: Fuel diesel and gasoline) for your forklift must be stored and handled following the National Fire Protection Association Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code.
  • Driving with an elevated load: To prevent things from falling off the forklift and injuring anyone in the area, it is important to always drive with the load as low as possible.
  • Not following safety procedures around loading docks: A forklift can quickly become a very dangerous piece of equipment if safety procedures are not followed around loading docks. From securing trailers to using wheel chocks, operators need to comply with OSHA forklift regulations at all times.

If employees commit any of the above common OSHA violations and are caught, they could be fined. But, even more importantly, they could seriously injure themselves or others if they get careless about following rules.

Common OSHA Fines

OSHA can dole out massive fines to companies that do not comply with regulations. Serious violations could result in penalties as high as $14,502 per violation. Willful or repeated violations can skyrocket to $145,027 per violation.

Some of the most common fines for circumventing OSHA forklift regulations include:

  • Failure to abate: No minimum violation. Maximum penalty of $13,653 per day past the abatement date.
  • Posting requirements: Minimum penalty of $0 per violation. Maximum penalty of $13,653 per violation.
  • Serious violations: Minimum penalty of $964 per violation. Maximum penalty of $13,653 per violation.
  • Other-than-serious: Minimum penalty of $0 per violation. Maximum penalty of $13,653 per violation.
  • Willful or repeated: Minimum penalty of $10,360 per violation. Maximum penalty of $145,027 per violation.

As you can imagine, these penalties can quickly add up and put a tremendous financial strain on your business. That’s why teaching your employees the importance of following OSHA regulations with total commitment is so important.

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