Increase Warehouse Storage with a Narrow Aisle Forklift

An employee operating a very narrow aisle forklift in a warehouse

Narrow aisle forklifts will help you do more with your warehouse space. 

The warehouse industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. This has put a demand on warehouses and distribution centers to maximize productivity. Finding a way to increase efficiency, without incurring unnecessary costs, is tricky. 

How do you fit higher amounts of inventory into the same warehouse building? How do you accommodate growing demands without undergoing an expensive warehouse expansion? 

Optimize your space with proper shelving and the right equipment. Investing in a forklift designed specifically for narrow aisles can help you access inventory seamlessly, no matter where it's stored.

Decrease your aisle width to increase storage capacity. Pick racking that utilizes more vertical space and use a narrow aisle forklift to stack and retrieve these loads. 

Learn more about narrow aisle forklifts below.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Most warehouses have aisles that are about twelve feet apart. This width is “standard” because it accommodates standard-sized equipment, like counterbalance forklifts

Narrow aisles, on the other hand, are typically eight to ten feet. They allow for more storage, but require specialized narrow aisle equipment.

Finally, we have very narrow aisles. This is the smallest aisle width, typically five to seven feet. You’ll need a very narrow aisle forklift to navigate this aisle width. 

As mentioned above, “standard” forklifts will only fit into “standard” aisle widths. Even if your standard forklift can fit into a narrower aisle, its turning radius won’t be tight enough. This puts operator safety at risk. 

Narrowing your aisle width and getting a narrow aisle forklift is the best way to go.

Pros of Narrow Aisle Equipment

The main benefit to decreasing forklift width is optimizing space. This allows you to double your storage capacity. You won't need to expand or move to a new warehouse, which saves you money. 

Other narrow aisle forklift benefits include:

  • Efficiency. Narrow and very narrow aisle forklifts are very easy to maneuver. They can move heavy loads in practically any warehouse space. These machines increase fulfillment times and decrease travel time. This all adds to and enhances warehouse efficiency
  • Safety. The narrower your aisles, the less available floor space you have. This prevents equipment from operating off-path and eliminates space for obstacles. Additionally, narrow and very narrow aisle reach trucks are easier to drive than standard forklifts. They're generally lighter and have better turning radiuses. The ease of operation, coupled with the lower risk of safety hazards, all increases your overall warehouse safety. 
  • Reach and Load Capacity. Narrow aisle reach trucks have high lifting abilities, reaching around twelve feet. They are able to do this while still maintaining a heavy load capacity. Operators will be able to carry the heaviest of loads to the highest shelving. These features will enable you to stack pallets high on top of each other for narrower, taller aisles. A high reach and heavy load capacity makes for a great long-term storage solution.
  • Profit. A big component of profit is spend. Not only are these reach trucks fast, efficient, and powerful, but they’re long-lasting. Expect the same quality output for years and years to come. They’ll easily pay for themselves, making them worthy investments. They're also relatively cheap compared to other forklift types.
A narrow aisle reach truck retrieving a load from warehouse shelving

Industrial Forklift Truck

Get a narrow aisle forklift today. 

Avoid renting a bigger warehouse or expanding by optimizing your warehouse space. Maximize storage while keeping costs as low as possible.

Part of keeping costs low is making sure you get the best deal on warehouse equipment. To do this, use Industrial Forklift Truck. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to access high-quality equipment at great prices. 

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Maximize Your Warehouse Storage with Quality Equipment.

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