2022 OSHA Forklift Training Requirements

Forklifts are critical pieces of machinery in industrial spaces, but they have the potential to be dangerous. They are powerful vehicles with large metal forks and are often carrying heavy loads. The risk of something going wrong is always present, which is why employers must train their workers. Take some time and make sure you're updated on OSHA requirements for forklift training in 2022.

Getting Started With OSHA Requirements for Forklift Training in 2022

To start your plan for OSHA forklift training, it's important to know what the rules are. OSHA places responsibility on the employer to make sure workers have the necessary qualifications and training to operate forklifts. This is different from what a trucking company may have to do. While the drivers in that industry have to get licensed, forklift operators will not receive any special licenses from the government.

Instead, every company that will have forklifts must have at least one person in the organization who becomes a trainer and has the responsibility of educating each driver. The company will then certify that all forklift drivers have the qualifications for the work they are doing and understand the proper safety rules.

Creating an OSHA Forklift Training Program

Every company can come up with its own training program, but the program will need a few key elements to meet the OSHA requirements for forklift training in 2022.

The first necessary element is a formal presentation of pertinent information. You can do this with a lecture, a video or an online course. This material should include but isn't limited to the following topics:

  • Operating instructions for the types of trucks the operator will use
  • Truck controls and how they work
  • How to steer and maneuver the truck and navigate ramps
  • Fork use
  • Vehicle capacity and stability
  • Load manipulation, stacking, and unstacking
  • Any potential hazards to the operator or pedestrians

The formal course needs to explain all of this information thoroughly.

Next, your instructor needs to give practical training to the potential operator. This has to happen in person so the operator can prove he or she understands how to use the forklift safely. Practical exercises will help the person acquire the skills they need.

You also need an evaluation for each new forklift operator. A written exam is a good option because it provides documentation that an operator proved their ability to use the forklift. You must reevaluate your forklift operators every three years or in case of a safety incident or an equipment change. This means your team has to always keep up with the latest rules.

Implementing OSHA Requirements for Forklift Training in 2022

Every company has an obligation to keep workers as safe as possible, especially when using heavy machines such as forklifts. While OSHA won't train your drivers, the agency will make sure you are complying. Take the time to create a program that meets OSHA requirements for forklift training in 2022, then focus on expanding your fleet with the right trucks from Industrial Forklift Truck.

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