Pallet Stacker Vs. Forklift: Which Is the Best Fit?

When comparing pallet stacker vs. forklift, it can be tough to choose. After all, both equipment types have many of the same qualities and capabilities. However, they do have distinct differences.

Learn more about the pallet stacker and the traditional counterbalance forklift to determine which one is the best fit for your business.

Pallet Stacker

Warehouse worker lifting a load with a pallet stacker

Pros: Pallet stackers are small and easy to maneuver. They’re powered by batteries, meaning they offer zero-emissions operation, which is perfect for indoor use. You can charge a pallet stacker simply by plugging it into a 110-volt wall outlet. This equipment is also much cheaper than a counterbalance forklift.

Cons: Due to its size, the pallet stacker typically caps out at about 2,500 pounds of lifting capacity. It also typically has a lift height of only 15 feet. This equipment is better suited for smaller loads and shorter warehouse shelving. Also, a pallet stacker is used by a standing operator, which may result in lower efficiency and greater operator fatigue.

Counterbalance Forklift

Parked forklift equipment with a lowered palletized load

Pros: Forklifts are ideal for heavy-use applications. They can handle two-shift operation. Plus, since the operator is seated on the counterbalance forklift, operator fatigue is reduced and efficiency is increased. Forklifts are also capable of lifting much higher, helping warehouses stack upwards, saving storage space. You’ll also be able to lift heavier loads with a counterbalance forklift.

Cons: Price is a big factor in the decision between pallet stacker vs. forklift. Of course, a forklift is going to be significantly more expensive than a pallet stacker. Plus, you’ll need to purchase and install expensive second-level charging outlets. The equipment also takes up more space.

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Pallet Stacker vs. Forklift

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