4 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Forklift Servicing Company

A professional technician performing forklift servicing on the mast of a lift truck

In the age of DIY, some things should probably be left to the experts. Forklift servicing is one of those things.

Outsourcing forklift maintenance and repairs to a quality provider can increase the life of your equipment and save you money in the long run. Despite these advantages, many operators keep lift truck services in-house.

Learn more about the advantages of professional forklift servicing. Then, find out how to compare pricing from top companies in your area before you choose.

Outsourcing Forklift Servicing

No company should write off outsourcing. Outsourcing certain aspects of your business will save you time and money in the long run. No one can do everything. Instead of doing things quickly and sloppily, consider turning to an expert. You'll get better results and save yourself a lot of stress.

Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing forklift servicing below.

Increased Safety

Forklift safety is something you should continually invest in. Jeopardizing safety could lead to equipment damages, employee injuries, OSHA fines, and much more. Hiring technicians to perform forklift maintenance in-house comes with its own set of liabilities and challenges.

Outsourcing lift truck services is the best method of accident prevention. A third party will be able to inspect your forklift objectively. 

Most importantly, you can maximize safety by investing in routine forklift maintenance. That typically means every 200 hours for general forklift servicing and every 600 hours for larger things like the hydraulic system.

In addition to routine forklift maintenance, you should inspect your forklift daily before operation. Use a pre-operational inspection checklist to make sure there aren't any hidden issues that need to be repaired. If you find anything in need of repair, take the equipment out of service until you can get forklift servicing.

The Financial Incentive

Outsourcing forklift maintenance will end up saving you money.

Hiring someone for lift truck services in-house often leads to a net negative. You’ll have to pay a monthly salary, benefits, training fees, and tools. There’s also the risk of downtime. Most businesses only have a few forklifts to service. Your in-house technician will frequently be idle, instead of contributing toward your ROI. 

Outsource your forklift servicing needs to experts and pay less. Keep in mind that some servicing companies have purchasing power that allows them to get replacement parts faster than the average business.

Expert Technicians

Third-party technicians have specialized knowledge. They’re experts in knowing how to service forklifts quickly and efficiently. 

Are you really prepared for all the things that could go wrong with your equipment? Professional technicians have the skillset to maintain any forklift brand or model. If one company doesn't have the service you're looking for, there will always be another.

Top servicing companies keep technicians up-to-date on all aspects of forklift operation. This knowledge of current industry processes brings a useful perspective. They have the experience and know-how to maintain and fix any forklift you need them to. If you visit them regularly, they may even be able to implement a strategic plan of improvement. 

Outsource your equipment to qualified professionals. They'll keep your equipment compliant and safe. Plus, you'll have access to detailed records of maintenance, servicing, and repairs over your equipment's entire lifetime.

Streamlined Efficiency

Outsourcing forklift maintenance is efficient. Catch and resolve issues at their root. 

Increase productivity by scheduling maintenance where and when you need it. Performing routine services is the best way to do that. You’ll already have a preferred provider. You won’t need to waste time asking if you need to bring your equipment to them or inquiring about cost. 

Depending on the technician, you can also choose to have them come directly to you. This further eliminates downtime. As soon as they’re finished servicing, it’s yours to use!

A technician fixing the engine of a forklift and performing additional forklift maintenance

Outsourcing Forklift Maintenance

It is imperative to keep your forklift in good working condition at all times. In order to do so, you’ll need the best lift truck service provider available. 

Use Industrial Forklift Truck to find the best option.

Industrial Forklift Truck makes planned forklift maintenance easier than ever. We partner with quality, pre-screened forklift servicing companies nationwide. Specify your forklift manufacturer and model here. We'll match you with qualified servicing companies in your area.

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Depending on your technician, you might need to transport your forklift to their shop. If that’s the case, you’ll need a temporary replacement. Luckily for you, Industrial forklift Truck also offers rentals! Let us know how long you want your rental for and what type of forklift you need. Then, we’ll send you free pricing. If you need something more permanent, we also offer purchasing options.

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