Quick Ways to Increase Warehouse Forklift Efficiency

Small yellow warehouse lift truck carrying a pallet

Warehouses function with many moving parts. Warehouse forklift operators have a variety of obstacles to overcome to maximize productivity.

There are many steps you can take to encourage and increase the efficiency of your warehouse. For instance, making the most of your equipment can save you money in the long run.

Properly using, servicing, and replacing your forklifts will increase warehouse productivity. Learn more about effective practices you can add to boost your workflow.

Industrial Forklift Truck is dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Use these warehouse efficiency ideas to optimize yours.

Use the Right Forklift Equipment

One of the most effective warehouse efficiency ideas is also the simplest. Choose the right forklift equipment for your purposes.

It might seem obvious, but one of the most common mistakes businesses make is investing in the wrong equipment. Select warehouse forklifts that fit your specific applications.

Are you operating in a crowded warehouse with narrow aisles? If so, a narrow aisle reach truck is perfect for navigating those tight spaces. In the same way, a narrow scissor lift will help reach larger, bulkier items in confined areas.

Determine whether you’ll be using your equipment inside or outside. This will help you choose the correct tire type. Pneumatic tires are designed for outdoor terrain, while cushion tires are made for indoor flooring. Choose equipment carefully to maximize warehouse efficiency.

Keep Thorough Records

Keep detailed records on every warehouse lift truck you own. These records will help you stay up-to-date on maintenance. Plus, they’ll give you a clear picture of the current condition of your warehouse forklifts.

In turn, you’ll avoid safety hazards. Every operator can access the records to check the safety of the equipment, and update them when something is found.

You’ll also have a written list of when maintenance was done, saving you from doing the same job twice. Don’t waste your money or time. Protect warehouse productivity by staying in the loop on the condition of your equipment.

Maintain Warehouse Lift Trucks

On the same note, give yourself something to document. Maintain your forklift equipment. To keep your warehouse forklifts in optimal condition, get professional servicing done regularly.

Create a schedule for routine maintenance. Be sure to create one for each piece of equipment. These plans should cover oil changes, filter changes, battery testing, and overall inspections. This will keep your machinery in good working condition.

Every day when your operators come to work, they should be able to begin working efficiently and safely. Taking care of this ahead of time increases warehouse productivity.

In addition to ensuring warehouse efficiency, maintenance will benefit your wallet. Regularly addressing small issues will prevent large, costly ones.

Worker increasing warehouse efficiency by using a narrow aisle reach truck

Replace Your Warehouse Forklifts

Let’s face it - forklifts aren’t cheap. It can be tempting to use warehouse forklifts for longer than their functional lives. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how much life a machine has left in it. After all, most warehouse lift trucks can last anywhere from three to seven years.

The truth is, there’s no magical number of years that determines when you should replace your equipment. Instead, consider the economic break-even point of your warehouse lift truck. This is the point where the machine is at its lowest total cost point. After this point, maintenance costs will rise.

It isn’t cost-effective to spend tons of money to keep a forklift in service if it’s rapidly losing resale value. Not to mention, warehouse productivity suffers in the downtime when the equipment is being repaired.

Implementing these warehouse efficiency ideas won’t help if your equipment is on its way out. Sometimes, the most productive thing to do is to replace your machinery. When you replace equipment at the optimal time, you’ll save money on repairs, increase warehouse efficiency, and maintain forklift safety.

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