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Forklift Financing

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Industrial Forklift Truck offers competitive rates on a variety of financing options. Purchasing a forklift isn’t cheap, but it is a fantastic investment. Forklift financing can help make buying equipment more affordable, allowing you to invest in the equipment you need without breaking the bank.

We already offer the best prices on forklifts for sale across the nation. Plus, we have a variety of used forklifts for sale to help you save even more. When it’s time to buy, turn to financing. Purchasing a forklift shouldn’t feel impossible. With forklift financing options, IFT makes it possible.

Most companies don’t have enough cash lying around to pay the entire cost of a forklift upfront. Financing keeps money in your pocket by breaking the overall price into manageable chunks. This way, you can pay smaller amounts over time.

Forklift financing gives you the benefit of ownership without hefty deposits or down payments. Learn more about your options below.

Forklift Leasing

Forklift leasing is one common type of financing. If you opt for a lease, you won’t have the responsibility of owning the equipment. Plus, forklift lease rates are typically lower than rental rates, so you’ll pay less over time.

Of course, since you don’t own the equipment, you won’t get to reap the benefits of selling the forklift when you’re done with it.

Forklift lease rates vary depending on the length of the lease and the type of equipment. In general, you may pay close to $500 each month to lease a warehouse forklift priced at $25,000.00 and $950 each month for one priced at $50,000.

There are many different lease types available. Most require that the user pay a fixed forklift lease cost for the duration of the lease.

Sometimes, a rent-to-own option may be available to you. This gives businesses the benefit of a low forklift lease cost, plus eventual ownership.

No matter what you need, Industrial Forklift Truck makes it easy to find the perfect fit. Compare options to find a forklift lease cost that fits your budget. Find low interest rates and flexible lease options all in one place.

If forklift leasing doesn’t sound like the right fit, keep in mind that we also offer forklift rentals. If you’d rather pay daily, weekly, or monthly for the time you use the equipment, renting is a better option.

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Forklift Loans

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Owning your forklift is the best long-term investment. Forklift loans can help you do that. Loans typically require fixed monthly payments based on the interest rate. The amount of money you pay upfront and the interest rate will both determine how quickly you’re able to pay the loan off.

Loans make it easy to own incredibly expensive equipment. Instead of paying the entire price upfront, you’ll pay in increments over time. Interest rates will vary depending on how much you pay initially.

Forklift leasing is a better fit for equipment that is going to depreciate immediately once used, while a forklift loan is a better fit for equipment that will hold value. Most industrial lift trucks are pretty sturdy and reliable, so a forklift loan is a fantastic option. If your company expects to put excessive wear and tear on the equipment quickly, a short forklift lease might be the best option.

When you use Industrial Forklift Truck, you can compare forklift loan and forklift lease rates before you choose. Simply let us know that you’re interested in forklift financing at the top of the page. Then, we’ll send you pricing on all of your options for no cost.

Access competitive pricing on forklift financing options that fit your business needs. Find a plan that will help you get the equipment you need while keeping money in your pocket.

Purchasing a Forklift

Purchasing a forklift is a big investment. Buy a machine you can trust from a reliable, pre-screened dealer.

Industrial Forklift Truck works with top forklift dealers across the country to build the largest inventory of quality equipment. We offer free, transparent pricing and information on all new and used equipment. Find exactly what you need without compromising.

We also offer the best rates on forklift financing. Get the equipment you need when you need it without stress. Keep your cash flow open for everyday operations and manage your money with ease.

Learn more about forklift leasing and forklift loans. Get free quotes on every financing option available to you.

At Industrial Forklift Truck, we understand just how important it is to find the right equipment for the job, fast! Wasted time is wasted money. Get exactly what you’re looking for without delay thanks to flexible forklift financing options.

Financing makes purchasing a forklift simple. Compare forklift loan and forklift lease rates instantly.