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Off-Road Forklift Specs

As the name implies, an off-road forklift is an outdoor forklift designed for use outside on uneven terrain. This material handling equipment has pneumatic tires and increased stability specifically for tackling the outdoors. Because of this, these machines are often referred to as “outdoor forklifts”.

To travel smoothly over hills and rocky surfaces, the base of this equipment is raised significantly off the ground. These forklifts are also typically built from composite materials or galvanized steel to protect them from the elements. Overall, outdoor forklifts are stronger and more durable than their indoor counterparts.

Lift Height

On average, an outdoor forklift has a lift height of 22 feet. Some models even lift up to 30 feet. Keep in mind that taller lift height doesn’t necessarily mean better equipment. This number simply represents the length the mast can extend. The lift height you need will depend on your specific operation.

Consider the applications you need to fulfill before shopping for off-road forklifts for sale. Choose equipment that can complete the functions you intend to use it for. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for safe operation.

Load Capacity

Outdoor forklifts can carry more weight than their indoor counterparts. The average off-road forklift has a load capacity of around 36,000 pounds. Keep in mind that just because a piece of equipment can handle heavy loads doesn’t always mean it always should. Safety is affected when the load is fully lifted or is being transported over rough terrain.

Avoid tipping by following the guidelines on the equipment’s load capacity chart. Every operator should be able to access and interpret this information accurately.

Find machinery that has the lift and load capacity you need with Industrial Forklift Truck. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll pull inventory that matches your needs.

Recommended Industries for Off-Road Forklifts

An off-road forklift is a great investment for various industries. The multi-functionality of this equipment is ideal for facilities with frequent outdoor activity.

Outdoor forklifts are commonly found in warehousing, construction, and manufacturing industries. In particular, indoor-outdoor facilities benefit from their versatility.

Outdoor forklift moving industrial materials across a worksite

Specific applications include loading, unloading, road maintenance, building, and much more. All-weather operations also utilize this equipment for heavy lifting in harsh conditions.

Consider browsing outdoor forklifts for sale if you constantly move materials outside, especially over unstable surfaces. If you prioritize durability, reliability, and power, a new or used outdoor forklift is the best choice.

Consider a small off-road forklift if you’re short on storage space or operate outside in mild conditions. Not every facility needs the largest, roughest, and toughest option. If your outdoor work areas are relatively flat and easy to navigate, a small off-road forklift will get the job done. Plus, they typically cost less than their larger counterparts.

No matter what kind of outdoor forklift you need, Industrial Forklift Truck has you covered. We carry the largest inventory of new and used off-road forklifts for sale nationwide.

New vs. Used Off-Road Forklifts for Sale

Forklifts can get expensive. An off-road forklift can cost up to $45,000. This price depends on the make and model of the equipment and, the dealer you purchase from. Although prices vary widely, there’s a chance this equipment could fall outside your budget.

Used off-road forklift moving cylindrical industrial materials outside

If that’s the case, consider purchasing a used off-road forklift. Buying refurbished equipment can reduce your initial investment by up to 50%.

Of course, if you have to spend that money later on repairs, it isn’t worth it. However, if you shop for used outdoor forklifts for sale through Industrial Forklift Truck, you can rest assured that those savings will stay in your pocket. We partner with pre-screened dealers to offer a huge inventory of reliable used off-road forklifts.

Save time by only browsing new and used outdoor forklifts for sale that you can trust. There are many scams out there. The last thing you want to do is invest in equipment that turns out to be a $15,000 mistake.

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How to Find the Best Deal on Off-Road Forklifts for Sale

To find the best deal on an outdoor forklift, you’ll need to compare all of your options. Industrial Forklift Truck is a free online tool that helps you do this quickly and efficiently.

Row of orange outdoor forklifts for sale

A large majority of forklift dealers aren’t upfront about equipment pricing. This makes it difficult to know if you’re actually getting the best deal on off-road forklifts for sale.

On the other hand, Industrial Forklift Truck offers transparent pricing and information on the largest nationwide industry of new and used off-road forklifts for sale. We offer both large and small off-road forklifts from industry-leading brands.

Simply answer a few questions to let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll take it from there! Our experts will match you with off-road forklifts for sale that fit your needs and send you information on each match.

Compare each listing and determine if any are a good fit. Find the best deal in your area today!

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