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Telescopic Forklift Specs

A telescopic forklift is a heavy lifting machine with an extendable boom arm. This equipment is ideal for reaching high places and moving heavy loads. The arm of a telescopic forklift extends up and away from the base of the machine, increasing its reach.

Telescopic handlers can help workers reach inaccessible places and operate easily at crowded worksites. A variety of attachments are available to increase versatility across industries. Learn more about the lift height and load capacity of telescopic forklifts to determine if this equipment is a good fit for your business.

Lift Height

Lift height varies depending on the machine’s make and model. Typically, the extendable arm of a telescopic handler forklift reaches around 55 feet. Compact options are also available, with lift heights between 15 and 30 feet. Compact machines are lighter, smaller, and more maneuverable. Make sure you know what lift height you need before browsing telescopic forklifts for sale.

The multi-directional movement of the boom arm helps operators access tight spaces. This is necessary for places like crowded construction sites. Make sure you know the accessibility of the areas you’ll be working in before you start browsing telescopic forklifts for sale.

Load Capacity

Load capacity refers to the amount of weight a piece of equipment can lift. Telescopic forklifts typically have a load capacity of around 8,000 pounds, depending on the model. Heavy-duty telescopic handlers can lift as much as 14,000 pounds.

This number will change with the load center. The load center is the distance between the load’s center of gravity and the face of the forks. The load center will change as the boom arm moves. Be sure to check the load capacity chart before operating your telescopic handler.

Recommended Industries for Telescopic Handlers

Telescopic handler forklifts are built to endure outdoor conditions. Equipped with large pneumatic tires, these machines can handle rough terrain and uneven surfacing. Many industries can benefit from their strength.

Telescopic forklift with large tires transporting stacks of hay

Telescopic forklifts are often used in the agriculture industry to move things like hay bales or feed buckets. Attachments such as bucket grabs and bale clamps can help operators complete these tasks. Investing in a telescopic handler replaces the need for a wide variety of equipment like skid steers, small tractors, and front-end loaders.

Unlike these other agricultural machines, telescopic forklifts can also reach directly into high-sided trailers or hoppers. Front stabilizers help them complete work quickly without tipping.

Telescopic forklifts are also a good fit for industrial operations. Here, telescopic handler forklifts are fitted with pallet forks to move palletized cargo.

In addition to industrial and agricultural applications, telescopic forklifts are used for mining, wholesale business, manufacturing, construction, and more. A variety of businesses can benefit by investing in telescopic forklifts for sale. If a telescopic forklift seems like a good fit for your operation, browse your options with Industrial Forklift Truck.

Rotating Telehandlers

Rotating telescopic handlers take this technology to a whole new level. These machines offer extended accessibility and mobility, beyond that of a conventional telescopic handler.

Rotating telehandler outside moving materials at a construction site

The cab of a rotating telehandler can spin 360 degrees. This gives it the ability to pick and place items without moving or turning its base. The revolving portion of the rotating telehandler is fully enclosed, sitting atop a chassis that houses the engine, outriggers, fuel tank, and more.

A rotating telehandler, or roto-telehandler for short, has similar capabilities to a crane. With outriggers to stabilize the base, these machines are capable of lifting huge loads. They also typically have greater lift heights.

The average rotating telescopic handler can extend almost 70 feet high. This allows roto-telehandlers to reach places that other equipment cannot. If you need a tool that can do more than a typical telescopic handler, this equipment might be the answer. A rotating telescopic handler can fulfill additional capabilities with increased efficiency and speed.

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Telescopic handler boom arm lifting materials for building construction

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